Tyme Out - Tyme to waste

Tyme Out a great way to waste tyme you will never get back!

Tyme out was created in the dark days before internet by Brian Barton aka: Tymer. Tyme Out was taken over November 2001 By J.R. Greer. TymeOut is now run By J.R. and DMB.

So, who are J.R. and DMB? Some mysteriously shady characters with too much free time and way too many hobbies. Well, actually we do have too many hobbies but what fun would life be without something to do, right? On the other hand we do have to keep remiding ourselves that there is such a thing as free time and that normal people do get, what are they called agian, vacations? holidays? The whole point of the site is to give us a distraction, or diversion when our unceasing, never ending, workload becomes unbearable, but of course every one can relate to that!

J.R is the great mastermind behind the organization of the whole site. He has also written all of the pages, so far. As our resident photographer, the camera work is also his doing. When J.R. is not skivving off work to modify, change, and improve this site he is earning a living as a telecommunications facilitator for businesses, maintaining other sites as well as providing commercial hosting for hundreds of other websites. In case you have not noticed the Rail and the Cute Cuddly Cats pages are his.

What about DMB? Well, it is my hobbies (and Slashdot, wounderful site that it is) that originally gave us the idea to put my work monitor on the net. See, we figured that if someone else could build a (fake) LEGO monitor, then we could take a flatscreen monitor and build it up with LEGO and put it on the net too. As you can see on the LEGO page we did not stop there. Well, we couldn't seeing as how we had extra LEGO pieces left over. Any, way things have just snowballed from there. Actually, it was the same with te PEZ. I mean how can any one just stop at one, they are designed to be collected, traded, auctioned off the the highest bidder. Getting the candy is just another awesome bonus about collecting PEZ! I am learning how to write and design webpages so hopefully in the future some of these pages will be created by me! I will think this is the part where I tell ya what I do for a living, but even though you have nothing better to do I really do not want you running away from the monitor screaming, so we will aviod any discussion on that topic (take my word for it really is too scary to mention).


We both hope you have enjoyed learning about us, and perusing the site. Tell all your friends and come on back, ya hear

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