Tyme Out

Mandy Mandy came to us from a friend who rescued her from a local airport. When we got her, Mandy was a third of her adult weight and needed much love and care.

Mandy is one of the most friendly and gentle cats we know. She is a very social kitty who loves to come into work and greet every one of our customers.

One of the few pictures we have of Mandy just after she came to us. You can see how skinny she was.
Mandy Our rescue kitty, Mandy about a year after she adopted us

Mandy Mandy is a very social kitty and will say Hello to anyone or any pig!

Mandy Always willing to help me out with the filing. We often joke about her and maru being cousins in their similiar colourings and habits for boxes.

Mandy Keeping an eye on the neighbours , and Stanley for us