Tyme Out - Tyme to waste

Tyme Out F.A.Q.

  • Q: How much LEGO does Darlene own?Lego Plate Background
    A: LOTS!!! I have over 35,000 pieces of LEGO, including all my LEGO Star Wars kits.

  • Q: I want to use your cool Lego background.
    A: It is available for use under the Creative Commons License. The stipulation is that you provide a link back to the TymeOut Website. (www.tymeout.com). You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

  • Q: Where do you buy all your PEZ?
    A: Basically any place that sells PEZ. We keep going back to those places hoping they will sell more PEZ.

  • Q: How many PEZ do you own?
    A: I own about 125 PEZ, buy I might have forgotten about some that have been tucked away during last spring's cleaning.

  • Q: Who wrote the puzzles and clues in the Hangman game?
    A: All the puzzles were written over the last couple of years by most of JR's friends. If you would like to contribute a puzzle Please email us and we will put it in the game (family friendly content of course!)