Tyme Out


Barb This is my Denisonne Barb. It belongs to the Barb family and will grow to almost 5 inches long. They need plenty of room to swim and really love the underwater pump I put in to create a current.


Mascara Barb I love my Mascara Barbs. They are large fish with a beautiful green shimmer to them. Very active fish who like to swim back and forth the length of the tank all day.

Mascara Barb Another image of Mascara Barb; this one by the bottom of the tank. This picture shows of his tail colours really nicely.

Albino Barb The Albino Barbs were te second fish in the aquarium. They resemble the Tiger Barbs but with a white strip instead of black. They like to hide in the plants and were very hard to photograph.

Albino Barb I think ths is the best picture I have of the Albino Barbs. This little guy is a runt. Definately the smallest fish next to the Danio fihs.

Tiger Barb The very first inhabitants of the aquarium and one of my favourites, the Tiger Barbs. I get quite a lot of compliments about what striking fish they are. They always travel in pairs; it took quite a lot of waiting to get this one alone in the picture.

Tiger Barb This could be the best image I have of a Tiger Barb.