Tyme Out


Also known as Siamese Fighting Fish. These fish must be kept seperately or they will fight among themselves until only one is left.
Betta This is a beautiful example of a female betta.

Betta This is Bob. Bob was DB's first Betta fish. He becoame the inspiration for us trying to bread and sell Bettas.

Betta This is Bob trying to attract a female. We were going to try to breed Bob but he passed away before we could.

Betta Paul or affectiontly known as Biff was the best father we had. Paul was a purple marble Betta with long fins. His offspring were very colourful.

Betta This female Betta is floating near the top of the tank. She also made a good mate.

Betta Our fancy Betta. Unfortunately he did not turn out to be a good breeder.

Betta This is a picture of one of the baby betta fish about a month after birth. Already the body and fins are very colourful