Tyme Out

Gourami Fish

Gourami fish can grow to be quite large fish. hey have a reputation for being rather aggressive fish. We find that in our tank with the just as large Mascara and Denisonne Barbs we have no trouble with the Gouramis' aggressiveness.
Gourami Fish This is a Honey Gourami. They are beautiful golden colours. I am pretty sure that this picture is of our male Gourmai. They tend to have longer top fins then the females.

Gourami Fish Another shot of the Honey Gourami; this one a close up. I can not tell in this picture if this is our male or female Gourami.

Gourami Fish We also have a Three Spot Gourami. Named because they really have three black spots on their bodies. I do not think you can see them from this picture though.