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Welcome to Darlene's Lego page!!!

Had this creation finished for awhile... now you get to see Lego at Play!

I figured since everyone else is showing off thier LEGO creations I should display mine too! As you can tell I am crazy about LEGO! I also have a huge PEZ collection. but have not had time to properly display or take pictures of that collection just yet.

lego Monitor
The LEGO Monitor

Keychain holder version 2

At first I did not have all that many keychains, so the first holder was quite small (and cute) but it quickly became too small. Our second version is (so far) just right. I absolutely love the gold anniversary bricks that we were lucky enough to find. It really finishs the top! And now my Star Wars LEGO keychain collection has room to grow.

Keychain Holder Version 1

Rodenti Lego

And my LEGO mouse. JR built this creation, and it really worked. It was totally awesome to use - until the left click button started to stick. We are not sure why; but hopefully we can start to build another one soon. No time so far.

Top View

Kleenex Box

Kleenex box Kleenex box

The kleenex box you see first went through several drafts - but I do not think I have any pictures of the first few attemps. We tried to keep the colour scheme consistant, and it tuned out O.K. It is amazing how fast you start to run out of colours once you get building.

Desktop Hanging File Holder

Hangin File Folder File holder with file

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