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  • February 24,2012 - For the last few years we have been running an Antique business. This has gobbled up ALL of our free tyme. The Antiques are doing good, and we are back! Lots of new stuff to post, so stay tuned.
  • February 23,2012 - We're still alive, Lots of updates coming soon.
  • May 10,2007 - An Update- WOW!! - we have added a new page of cuteness
  • Geese
    • January 24, 2007 - New cat Shiloh on the Cats Page.
    • January 23, 2007 Pez count is at 205.
    • Dec 22, 2006 Watch for big updates to the pez page. Pez count is now 187. Db is also working on several new secret projects.
    • July 30 - New cat Dish! on the Cats Page.
    The Cat Dish
    • June 23 - Some more updates, added more rail pictures. - jr
    • June 04 - Added a few more links. Still working on the design. Things really slow down when you have no internet. Bit annoying really.
    • May 22 - Updated the Pez count. I got 151 total. And got some more train pics up. Mostly we had a long discussion about redesigning the look of the pages. Hopefully the redesign and some new updates with the software will make it easier to put up and change content.
    • May 18 - some more updates.
    • April 28 - More PEZ photos and more train photos. The Cats page is up and we got a new camera.
    • April 17 - Updated the PEZ pages, We went on a Quest for PEZ, The collection is now around 135. Also added some more Train shots of Ontario Southland Railroad (ORSX). I got onboard RS 23 505 today.
    • April 14 - Pez page is up, comments comming soon, The Links page is up. Darlene only has 125 Pez.
    • April 8 - added more OSRX photos, and we took 1.8 gig worth of PEZ and LEGO photos today. We hope to start getting them up soon.
    • April 3 - More Rail Fan photos of OSRX
    • April 2 - The Rail Fan section is started - some shots of OSRX 180 RS-18u
    • March 29 - The Tyme Poll is mostly working. Give it a try.
    • March 27 - Darlene's Lego page is up.

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