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Ontario Southland Railway (OSRX)

OSRX-180 OSRX 180 is a MLW (Alco) RS-18u built in 195? SN 82450 Former CPR 1860
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OSRX-503 OSRX 503 is a MLW (Alco) RS-23 Former CPR
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OSRX-181 OSRX 181 is a MLW (Alco) RS-18u built in 195? SN 82458 Former CPR 1861
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OSRX-504 OSRX 504 is a MLW (Alco) RS-23 Former CP Rail
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OSRX-182 182 is a MLW (Alco) RS-18u Former QGRY before that CPR 1801. It is now in OSRX colours.
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OSRX-505 OSRX 505 is a MLW (Alco) RS-23 Former CP Rail
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OSRX-646 OSRX 646 is a MLW M420 Former BC Rail 646
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OSRX-506 OSRX 506 is a MLW (Alco) RS-23 Former CPR?
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OSRX-647 647 is a MLW M420 Former BC Rail 647. This (June 23,2003) visit is the only time 647 ran in Guelph.
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OSRX-1116 ex CP 1116 RS-18sitting in the "Junction"
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OSRX-8235 8235 is a GP9
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OSR Updates

  • August 2012 - 181 is running again
  • June 21, 2006 - 182 is back in service. OSR/GJR are adding an additional siding between York and the former Huntsman plant in anticipation for the new PDI traffic.
  • May 10,2006 - 641? will be getting new wheels, then replacing 646 at Petrocan. 180 is back in service. 182 is having loading problems. 503 is still out of service.
    The Former Huntsman plant in Guelph will be seeing new traffic in several weeks, PDI plans on bringing 1000 loads a year to the site, possibly reaching 3000 loads within 3 years.
  • April 17,2006 - 646 is now at PetroCan. It is running real clean and was not needed in Guelph.
    503 is having loading problems.
    180 has a bad water pump